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Waterproof safety protective shoe covers for men dark blue CPE material hand made

Ø  Material: Polyethylene material, 100% CPE material.

Ø  Design: Handmade welding, double elastic bands around the ankle.

Ø  Feature: Safety shoe covers protect the shoes and places from pollution of water and dust.

Ø  Application: Protective shoe covers are excellent for public places, cleanroom, hotel, dustproof place, hair salon, chemical workshop, school, dust-free plant, beauty treatment, dustproof place, daily home use, factory, lab, industrial sector, food industry, household, restaurant, food service, home use, dust-free workshop, electronic manufactures, etc.


Waterproof safety protective shoe covers for men dark blue CPE material hand made.



Product type

Protective shoe covers



Place of origin

Xiantao, Hubei, China


CE, ISO13485, ISO9001, TUV, SGS, FDA

Brand Name


Product name

Waterproof safety protective shoe covers for men dark blue CPE material hand made

Main material

Polyethylene material, 100% CPE material


Blue, green, white, yellow, red, etc.




S 15x38cm, M 15x40cm, L 16x42cm, XL 17x44cm


Handmade welding, double elastic bands around the ankle



Daily output


Store condition

Store in dry and ventilated, humidity below 80%, avoid from corrosive gas and sunlight

Shelf lift

5 years


Our Main Products

Our main products include disposable coveralls, disposable lab coats, disposable isolation gowns, disposable surgical gowns, disposable scrubs, disposable patient gowns, disposable gowns, disposable face mask, disposable cap, disposable shoe covers, disposable sleeve covers, disposable sheets, disposable aprons, disposable gloves, disposable underwear, etc.


Our Service

ü  We supply OEM ODM service

ü  Free samples to be offered to you

ü  Certification approved products in competitive and stable prices

ü  More options on material, pattern, size and packing

ü  Professional service for the cooperation, negotiation, shipment and after sales service

ü  Full disposable products line with all the products you need to mix into the container.



PPE(Personal Protective Equipment)

Factory, dust-free workshop, electronic manufacture, chemical workshop, general manufacturing facility, office, automotive industry, dust-free plant, cleanroom, contract cleaners and management company, light duty cleaning, warehousing, general maintenance, spray painting, dust-free workshop, construction, industrial manufacturing, spraying processing, stamping hardware, semiconductor industry, magnetic head manufacturing industry, LCD manufacturing, painting and spraying, fiberglass products manufacturing, mining/wood/metal processing, electronic assembly, insulation laying, aseptic workshop, household cleaning


Hotel, household, dustproof place, daily home use, school, college, community crèche, Kindergarten, nursing home, public places, janitorial, domestic DIY

Food Service

Food service, restaurant, café, food and beverage manufacturing, food handling and production, food processing, catering service, cooking, barbecue


Agriculture, farming, gardening


Waterproof shoe covers for men

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