Disposable medical supplies & protective personal apparel

professional manufacturer/supplier/exporter over 13 years


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Since 2007, Meddocare as a manufacturer and professional supplier of disposable protective medical products in China, has been developed innovative and user-friendly products for more than 13 years. Our products are widely used in factory, lab, food service, restaurant, hotel, cafe, beauty salon, dust-free workshop, household, electronic manufacture, laboratory, chemical workshop, general manufacturing facility, office, automotive industry, dustproof place, daily home use, school, college, community creche, montessory, nursing home, dust-free plant, beauty treatment, public places, cleanroom, hospital, medical sector, Veterinary surgeries, dental clinic, hygienic application, bio-clean room, pharmacy, medical personnel, pharmaceutical environment, veterinary activities, contract cleaners and management company, hygiene related areas, etc.